Empowering Youth: Unlocking Stress Management through a Transformative Workshop
Empowering Youth: Unlocking Stress Management through a Transformative Workshop

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an integral part of the lives of many young people. Academic pressures, social expectations, and the ever-increasing demands of a digitally connected society can
The On line trainer: Enhancing online training Effectiveness
The On line trainer: Enhancing online training Effectiveness
An online training course is onboard by ECTE, for trainers subjected to digital training methods in the context of the Erasmus plus DIGI ENERGY project. The course aims to enhance training effectiveness by embracing
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Explore the best of you. Explore Erasmus Mobility in Rethymno, Crete

Internships in over 20 fields of practice, in 300 dedicated companies.


Improving the human capital basis in Geothermal and Solar Energy sector. 16 dedicated specialized institutions, from Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, and Spain are collaborating to tackle skills shortage and skills development as a key driver for the competitiveness of the sector by improving the quality of vocational education and training (VET)

HOME - Technical Professions
Internships in Technical Professions

ECTE Mobility Dept. has amassed great experience in internships for Carpenters, Bricklayers, Joiners-Roofers, Plasterers, Plumbers, Stonemasons and others.

HOME - Wellness and Beauty
Internships in the Wellness and Beauty Sector

Internships for Hair Salons, Spas, Beauty Salons, 5 and 4-star hotels.

HOME - Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechatronics
Internships in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechatronics

ECTE Mobility Dept. provides internships in Electrical installation companies, Hotel maintenance, Small and Medium Electronics Companies, IT hardware maintenance and Big Companies in the sector of Internships in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechatronics

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European Center in Training for Employment

ECTE is a training institute certified by the Greek Ministry of Education (EOPPEP, certification number 2000120), in providing Lifelong Learning Training, aiming to promote employability through the acquisition of new, or updating adults’ professional skills. Activities for youth promotion to employment cover a major part of ECTE services and include – apart from training, guidance, innovative integrated interventions – international mobility for work or practice.

European Department

Planning and elaboration of European projects and initiatives aiming at the development of human resources and innovation based on dynamic partnerships and synergies.

International Seminars

Training courses and shadowing tailored-designed for teachers, adult educators or private/public organisations staff within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ Programme-KA1.

Mobility Department

Learner and staff mobility: Increasing the skills and employability of VET learners and apprentices by providing practical experience and exposure to other languages and cultures.

National Training

Development and implementation of Continuing Vocational Training Programs for unemployed people, employees and self-employed.

Research Department

Innovative activities for new services in educational, social, economic field. Studies are connected empirically with the testing of new methodologies and the active involvement of target groups

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  • Enjoy every last moment of your time here in Rethymnon. Be open to meet your neighbours and other foreign students, and then this will be one of the most worthwhile, challenging, growning, advancing, overwhelming and enjoyable time of your life!

    Participant from Finland
  • One of the best experiences ever. Wonderful place. Try to live with Cretans because it's the best way to learn.

    Participant from Spain
  • No olvidaremos a todas las personas que hemos conocido como el trato que nos llevamos de ellas. Algún día volveremos.

    Participant from Spain
  • The student life in Rethymno is fantastic! It's a city where students are more than the local people and that means that it's full of life!

    Katja Palén (Finland)
  • It doesn't matter how old are you or what nationality you are. What matters is - what you learn from every conversation, what you take from every new person in your life, because knowledge is the one thing that no one can take away from you. This was an amazing lesson here, in Rethimnon!

    Jana and Megija (from Latvia)
  • Nav svarīgi kādas tautības un cik vecs Tu esi. Svarīgi ir tas, ko Tu iemācies no katras sarunas un ko Tu iegūsti no katra iepazītā cilvēka, jo zināšanas ir tas, ko Tev neviens nevar atņemt. Šis mēnesis bija lieliska mācību stunda!

    Jana and Megija (from Latvia)
  • Mobility is a daunting task at first, and it seems much more scary before you go. Give yourself time to settle in and you wont regret it! Such an amazing experience, ask anyone who has done it!

    Participant from Belgium
  • If I had the chance, I'd do it all over again – an absolute experience for anyone

    Participant from Italy
  • Don't worry if you don't know english very well! Here, in Rethimnom you can lear to have a totaly conversation with you're own in enlish. During this experience you will acquire skill in comunication, autonomy, organizacion and work practice. Rethimnom was a life lessons.

    Margherita (from Italy)
  • Go for it! Best period I ever had!

    Participant from Belgium
  • Algo que nos impactó cuando llegamos fue que cualquier día de la semana se creaba un gran ambiente a la vez que tranquilo y seguro.

    Participant from Spain
  • E’ stata una bellissima esperienza, le persone che abbiamo incontrato qui sono state molto brave e premurose con noi. Siamo molto contenti e torniamo a casa con un ricordo bellissimo.

    Participant from Italy
  • This was a great experience because i learn so many things about a new country. During this two week in Rethimnom I have had a work experience and with this i could learn new culture, new dishes and my english has improved. Rethimnon is a very great place for do a Erasmus.

    Laura (from Italy)
  • Try your best – you can easily integrate with the Greek people and the culture.

    Participant from France
  • Always maintain an open mind and don't get too disillusioned with things: they usually work themselves out. Bon chance!

    Participant from France
  • Ich habe bei ECTE in Büromanagement gearbeitet und es war eine wunderbare Zeit mit euch. Ich danke euch, dass ihr mir geholfen habt mich schnell in Rethymno einzuleben und mich wohl zu fühlen und dass ihr mir Orte gezeigt habt in denen Touristen normalerweise nicht hinkommen oder nicht kennen!

    Participant from Germany
  • Ringrazio infinitamente la Camera Di Commercio Maremma e Tirreno per avermi concesso questa opportunita’. Grazie a questo Erasmus sono cresciuta professionalmente e personalmente. Ho conosciuto persone nuove con cui ho stabilito un belissimo rapporto e ho avuto modo di entrare a contatto con una realta’ diversa. Portero’ Rethymno sempre nel mio cuore.

    Participant from Italy
  • Es war eine tolle Erfahrung und ich bin froh die Leute von Ecte kennengelernt zu haben, da sie mir in jeder Situiation geholfen haben und für mich mehr als Kollegen wurden.

    Participant from Germany
  • Rethymno e’ una citta bellissima in cui abbiamo alloggiato volentieri. La ecte e’ un’ associazione con persone molto disponibili e preparate, stella e rodos ci hanno aiutato per qualsiasi problema che abbiamo avuto. Grazie di tutto.

    Participant from Italy
  • Non puoi sperare di meglio se non ti poni grandi obbiettivi, un'esperienza fantastica con persone fantastiche che, ti fanno sentire come a casa.

    Participant from Italy
  • Erasmus is a launch pad for everyone who want improve they're skill in language field, be indipendent from family and know new culture. With this experience you can make new friend around the word, know better yourself and you're ability. If you have the possibility to do this experience, just do it!

    Martino (from Italy)
  • Rethymno is a very beautiful city, next to the sea, big enough to offer you a lot of choices and small enough so you can reach every part of it on foot or by bike.

    Matteo Scarcia (Italy)
  • Sie sind sehr freundlich und nehmen sich fuer dich und deine Anliegen Zeit. Ich bin sehr dankbar sie zu kennen und ich werde diese großartige Zeit in Rethymno niemals vergessen.

    Participant from Germany
  • Mobility broadens your perspective. Really recommend it!

    Participant from UK
  • There are taverns that are full of students, in which you can eat, drink and dance spending a very small amount of money. Most of them have live music every Friday and Saturday night and there you will listen to contemporary Greek music and dance.

    Celeste Conacari (Italy)

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