PATiE Project – Psychodrama Training modules in adult Education

The implementation of 32 pilot courses in workshops’ form, with the participation of 45 adult trainers in the four partners’ countries in Rethymnon (ECTE), Florence (Centro Machiavelli), the Watowice (EST) and Arrasate (ALECOP), gave enough material for evaluating, feedback and finalization of the produced educational material of the PaTie project

Coordinator of the training courses activities in all partners’ countries, as well as responsible for the development of two training packages, is the European Centre in Training for Employment – ECTE, while coordinating partner of the program is the part Lifelong Learning department of Regional Unity Rethymnon. In Rethymno, pilot training programs were attended by 12 adult educators, coordinated by a certified psychodramatist, Ms SofiaDimou.

The project «PaTiE», which is near completion, is aimed at introducing methods of psychodrama in the processes of learning, upgrading the skills of adult educators by developing educational material. Specifically, the produced educational material includes “teaching material User Guide” for adult educators and teaching eight teacher training modules.

  • Module1 Experiential psychodrama
  • Module2 Power of group
  • Module3 Sociometry
  • Module4 Warm up
  • Module5 Power of playing
  • Module6 Working with symbols
  • Module7 Conflict management
  • Module8 Sharing

The program is co-financed by the European Commission.

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