PLAY IT OUT LOUD Playing drama for social inclusion of shy children

Drama is natural way of playing, behaving and thinking of children. Cognitive therapies are less useful for children than drama. It is not easy to explain and teach small child to think and behave in an expected way without action and role playing. Drama exercises are also very useful for the classroom application because it concerns a group process and drama can be use for more purposes: learning knowledge, skills, creativity, attitudes and values. Experience of the partners of this consortium (who use drama as a method for learning and development) shows that drama can help children to deal with their shyness and social anxiety. The consortium consists of 5 partners from 5 European countries: England, Greece, Poland, Ireland and Spain.


01-12-2018 – 30-11-2020

  • Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi
  • ECTE – European Centre in Training for Employment

EU Programme Erasmus+ Youth KA2 Strategic Partnerships 2018-1-PL01-KA201-050606

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  • Teachers who work with the 6/7 year old shy, inactive socially, withdrawn, avoiding challenges children.
  • Teachers/tutors who works with immigrant children, children from low socioeconomic status or children with some special needs and with difficulties in communicating and learning.

Our role in the project

  • Teachers training
  • Dissemination


  • Research tools for evaluation including the questionnaire of children shyness
  • Course for teachers including 20 drama lessons dedicated children’s shyness therapy and a training plan for teachers
  • Drama in shyness therapy of children report.
  • Handbook including the 20 drama lessons with training tips, background of the project, and research results in short.
  • Teachers training

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