European Project EXYOnet (European Network for employability of Young (ex) offenders)

Exyonet – European Network for employability of Young (ex) offenders

Exyonet is a network for youth employability (ex) offenders, funded by the EU “Youth in Action” Youth Support Systems – Sub-Action 4.3: Networks. It unites the efforts of six institutions in different European countries, to create “think tank” to develop “white paper” and a guide to good practice for practices and policies that encourage young people at social risk, to enter the social and working environment.


1/12/2013 – 30/11/2014

  • Meridianos (Spain)
  • ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment (Greece)
  • COOPERATIVA 29 (Italy)
  • İzmir Valiliği (Turkey)
  • Ealing Council (UK)

Youth in Action / Ref.: ES.43.E7.2013-R1

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Direct beneficiaries

  • Creation of Educational Material and Courses
  • Coordination of the organization of the online course for professionals in Europe
  • Workshops implementation
  • Dissemination

Our role in the project

  • Infopack material for job seekers and employers
  • Team of experts for activation measures, support for job seekers and employers
  • Local and national labour agencies
  • Dissemination

What we have gained

  • Experience with working with this age groups (0-10)
  • Strengthening of relationships with partners
  • Expanding and enhancing our network

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