DTRaIN – Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship in Agri-food Sector

The DTRaIN Project objective is to revitalize the production in the agri-food sector of partners regions, by promoting the acquisition of high-quality skills for managing staff and entrepreneurs working in the sector. To address this objective, a European “Design Thinking” professional profile will be developed, based on a qualification scheme for validating learning outcomes, according to ECVET recommendations, and in line with ISO 17024 norm. More specifically, the aims of the DTRaIN Project are: Design a VET Curriculum and develop training content (EQF 4-5) for professionals in the agri-food sector, willing to upgrade their skills in Design Thinking for innovation methodology, Design an innovative educational model based on a learner-centered approach, in a flipped classroom ubiquitous environment, Develop training material based on the Educational Model and produce a Qualification scheme development.


01-09-2019 – 30-04-2022

  • Region of Crete (Greece)
  • ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment (Greece)
  • SQLEARN AE (Greece)
  • Centro Machiavelli S.r.l. (Italy)
  • LDI (Germany)


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  • Professionals in agri-food sector companies
  • Companies, agricultural cooperatives
  • Public authorities and associations for agricultural related interests
  • Local, regional and national organizations for professional working in agri-food companies
  • Local, regional and national bodies representing agri-food industry and companies

Our role in the project

  • Evaluation
  • Design the professional training curricula, in line with ECVET procedures
  • Design the learning resources and tools
  • Dissemination


  • improvement on the professional skills of professionals working in the agri-food sector
  • updating of the professional profile of learners being certified under “DTRaIN qualification scheme”
    as Design thinking
  • Vet institutes to enrich their training services and training including an “innovative educational
  • promote a common company marketing attitude and company working culture

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