Cultural program in environmental education for Vocational Colleges of Great Britain

Crete, is famous for having almost as many species and subspecies of plants (about 1750), as the whole Britain (1450), even if it is 35 times smaller. This diversity is not only reflected in the total number of species but also in the number of endemic species, which grow only in Crete and nowhere else in the world. In Crete, there are about 160 endemic species and subspecies, which mean that 9% of the plant species of Crete do not exist anywhere else in the world. Most plants of Crete aromatic herbs included are used as ingredients in cooking, in the preparation of teas, medicines. And traditionally also used in natural dyeing purposes.

Students from Vocation colleges of Great Britain having work-based learning activities in companies of Rethymnon had the chance to explore this amazing nature walking at Kourtaliotis gorge one of the most beautiful gorges of Crete. At the and of the day they enjoyed the sea at the beaches of South Crete.

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