Practice placements of students in foot care services

It may appear straightforward and undramatic, but a simple Finger & Toe Nail cutting service can make a huge difference to people’s Health And Well Being.

Students from Klaipeda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre, specialised in providing foot care services, were hosted in Rethymnon by the European Center in Training for Employment – ECTE. The students/ practitioners were placed in companies providing foot care services following a work-based learning program . Practitioners gained valuable working experience in:

  • cutting and filing toenails and keeping them at a comfortable length
  • smoothing and moisturising dry and rough skin
  • checking for cracks and breaks in the skin and inflammation such as blisters
  • looking for signs of infection like nail fungus or other obvious early problems, and seeking professional advice

The participants were awarded a Europass certificate and a certificate from ECTE, validating their learning experience. The program was financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus plus program.

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