Poland meets the Paleontological Museum of Rethymno

In the Paleontological Museum of Rethymno, the cultural-natural history of Crete met to the cultural history of Poland. Young students, of the High School of Electronics in Rzeszow, in Poland, accompanied by Mrs. Katerina Diamandis, Mr. Charis Pantelidakis and Rodamanthos Androulakis, tutors in international department of the European Training Centre for Employment (ECTE), had the opportunity to tour the museum by Museum Director Mr Vasilis Simitzis, to experience the Paleontological history of Crete and in their turn to present the history, the culture and economic data of their country.

The presentations of students included a wide range of information regarded the history and culture of Poland. They began with a historical review extended from the Middle Ages until today and continued with the Polish education system, presentation of significant Polish portraits such as scientists, writers, politicians, the main economic activities and finalised with a presentation of the Rzeszow’s region culture and traditions.

The meeting provided an opportunity for all participants to come into contact with different cultures and learn about the Cretan and Rzeszow history and culture, proving that different cultures can not only coexist but also to interact and improve.

The international department of the European Centre in Training for Employment (ECTE), hosts a large number of young people from many EU countries that are getting training in ECTE in a different working environment. Moreover, they have the chance to acquire social and transversal skills working in a different cultural environment.

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