PATiE Project – Train the trainer

Arrasate, is a traditional town of the the Basque Country (Spain), best known as the birthplace of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation (MCC), the world’s largest worker cooperative. In 2002 the MCC contributed 3.7% towards the total GDP of the Basque Country and 7.6% to the industrial GDP.

PATiE, project partners met in Arrasate for their fourth meeting, having as a main topic of discussion, the finalization of the form and the content of training modules and the organosis of pilot courses based on these modules.

Psychodrama as a tool for the trainers in adult education, is the subject of the training material, that is developing by the project consortium. The training material, includes a curriculum outline, eight training modules, and a “Trainers Guide” for each of the training modules. Till today, four training modules have already been developed, for the remaining four finishing at the end of this year.

Pilot courses will follow, in the cities of the four core partners, namely in Rethymno (Greece), Wadowice (Poland). Florence (Italy) and Arrasate (Montragon, Spain). In the courses, 12 Vocational Trainers, will act as learners, been taught by a professional certified psychodramatist, tools and Technics developed in the eight training modules.

The training modules include:

  • Module1 Experiential psychodrama
  • Module2 Power of the group
  • Module3 Sociometry
  • Module4 Warm up
  • Module5 The Power of playing
  • Module6 Working with symbols
  • Module7 Conflict management
  • Module8 Sharing

ECTE is participating as a core partner in PATiE project ( and exploits training material outcomes in “training the trainer actions”. Moreover, trainers from many European countries are participating in training events organised, having as a subject experiential learning tools and thus that of psychodrama.

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