Exyonet – Network for Employability of Young (Ex)Offenders – Conference

Unemployment rate among young people having reach 60% in Greece and been a main problem in South European countries, good practices towards employment, are of great importance to be identified and endorsed into policies.

The six entities involved in Exyonet project, know first-hand youth difficulties of adapting into a world of work in crisis and to the startle of social and technological changes.

The European Project EXYOnet (European Network for employability of young, is the first European network address to the young (ex) offenders employability and social exclusion inside the EU Youth in Action Program. This network put together the efforts of 6 entities of different European countries in 18 months, through the experiences that have been carried out by United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

European Center in Training for Employment, ECTE as a member of Exyonet network, participated in a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels, and met members of Parliament and policy decisions technicians, engaged in employment and youth issues. Subhect of the discussion was the consortium work in practices and politics recommendations that have been be added in the joint document: ‘WHITE PAPER: Good practices and policy proposals for Young (ex) offenders employment.

It was decided, a conference event to be organised in Brussels by Exyonet partners, in February 2015. In big event, will participate European parliament members and policy decision technicians,engaged in the field of employment and Youth. Good practices identified, will be presented in a form of white book, whereas there will be an extensive dialogue on youth employment existing policies and future strategies.

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