Curriculum Management competencies for vocational training specialists

The improvement of the skills of the vocational training instructors and the upgrading of the curricula were the main objectives of training for training specialists from three Lithuanian vocational training schools. The program is being implemented by the “European Center In Training for Employment – ECTE”, in cooperation with the the “Rokiskis Technological, Business and Agricultural School”. Training lasted one week and was organized European Center In Training for Employment – ECTE. Within the framework of their training, the trainers, apart from the ECTE and the 2nd EPAL of Rethymnon, visited the Regional Training Center for secondary education of Crete at Heraklion, PEK Crete) and the Life Long Training Department of the Region of Crete (KEKAPPER).

The topics covered were the vocational training in Greece as it was formed following the latest legislation of the Ministry of Education, the use of electronic platforms in the educational process, the role of informal and non-formal education in vocational training, the introduction of experiential educational methods in education, the curriculum in Greece and how to introduce innovations and technological developments in education programs in the Professional Training and the role of the Institute for Educational Policy and the educational counselors in this process.

The students of the 2nd vocational school of Rethymnon (EPAL), organized an excellent presentation of their school and described in detail the fields – specialties they offer, the special features and characteristics of the EPAL. The event was organized under the Erasmus + program entitled “Management of Educational Content in Educational Institutions in Europe”.

Mrs. Maria Kountouri, ECTE training director in ECTE and Mr. Alessandro Gulo, tutor on international programs in ECTE, are particularly grateful to the Director of the 2nd EPA Rethymno Theodoros Papadakis, the professors and the students for the reception and presentation School. They also thank the Director of PEK of Heraklion Dr. Maria Kalathaki, KEKAPPER Training Director Mr. Charalambos Piteras and Mr. Kostis Flouris, a non-formal education advisor and adult educator.

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