SENSNET Project – Completion of learning material

The European Center in Training for Employment – ECTE, has completed the development of training materials addressing to professionals working in care services for aged people. The training material can be accessed through the e-learning platform of the SENSNET Academy, that provides training for professionals working with aging people with visual and/or hearing impairments.

The learning outcomes of the material, relate to skills and knowledge for assisting the aged having hearing impairments, to perform and develop in the workplace, socially or at home (access to culture and access to information and communication media). It is structured in two main units which are administered in the form of master classes. Upon completion of every unit, professionals will be required to further the knowledge they have acquired from the course by been assigned homework which is in form of exercises in the taught curricula. Particular focus was given to familiarizing professionals with the technology supporting individuals with Hearing Impairment.

The training material was presented in Madrid, during the partners meeting on the 6th of February. The final version will be accessible through the SENSNET Academy platform after it will be tested by the professionals as end users.

The development of the training material is part of activities implemented under SENSNET project, which is funded by the EU under the Erasmus plus KA2 projects. The project involves partners from seven different European countries: Spain, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria and United Kingdom. Most of them are members of the European networks ENVITER and HIPEN, that are supporting the project and that represent organisations of professionals and experts in sensory impairments in 21 EU countries.

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