PATiE Project – Psychodrama Training modules in adult Education

The use of psychodrama techniques appears to be capable of providing a valid answer to the majority of problems arised through a research implemented by PATiE project partners in Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain.

The results of the research were presented in a meeting held in Florence in 24th of February. At the meeting specific training modules on the psychodrama tools used in adult education, were derived connected to existing problems and difficulties in training process.

From the reports drafted by the adult educators, it was found that 90% of them use experiential methods in their courses. However, only 33% of educators know about the applications of psychodrama in education. The most highly valued quality of experiential techniques, are that of motivating and involving students and promoting independence in learning. Within this context, psychodrama tools and techniques, which are valid for improving collaboration among students, and motivating and developing their creativity, seem to be used with considerable benefits in teaching process.

Training modules in psychodrama that can help trainers towards managing effectively major difficulties and problems in training process will include:

  1. Experiential methods of psychodrama Theoretical module discuss the basics of psychodrama – Knowledge
  2. The power of the group Group theory/dynamics (psychodrama is mostly about group) ex: how to motivating group, there is need of a sort of background – Understanding
  3. Sociometric group mapping Application
  4. Warm up How to warm a group up – concrete technique
  5. The power of playing psychodrama action
  6. Working with symbols In psychodrama many symbols are used (ex: working with masks)
  7. Sharing and processing section sharing the experience with group/learners
  8. Conflict management

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