OPMIS – Open Minds in Sciences

“Subjects” teaching replaced with “topics” for Raising creativity and attractiveness of science and mathematics leading to educational system reforms

It is obvious that investing appropriately in learning will contribute to overcoming the economic and social crisis and meeting the Europe 2020 targets on employment, poverty reduction, education, sustainability, innovation.

Students from very early age are using quite advanced computers. New methods have to be adopted in education that is necessary for industry and modern society. Raising creativity and attractiveness of science and mathematics, therefore, is of major importance for the sustainability of “quality and efficiency of education in Europe”, which is one of the main objectives referred in strategic framework of “Education and Training 2020”.

However, although the professional development and the improvement of the quality of vocational training educators have been recognized as a priority at European level, there is not a clear view of the particular and specific competences needed by trainers and training approaches, to fulfill the scope of making mathematics, science and technology more attractive.

OPMIS project is aiming at changing the “mindset” of approaching science and mathematics, focusing in an innovative teaching by “topic” method, rather than the old fashioned way of teaching by subject, increasing attractiveness and preparing students for the future with the skills that is needed for today and tomorrow.

Identification and collection of already established training methodologies and practices in Europe, will help to harvest the potential of existing European experience and generate new knowledge for trainers, upgrading their skills and respective specific competences. The development of a “teacher toolkit”, an open source training platform. together with training visits of both trainers and learners will help in testing and applying the identified interdisciplinary teaching material and methods.

Main target group is students of primary and secondary local school communities. Specific target group is trainers, that their role is vital in achieving goals of quality and efficiency in education. Project partners will set-up up an international cooperation mechanism, including except the members of the project consortium, science institutes and local educational communities.

  • European Center in Training for Employment – ECTE, structuted the project proposal OPMIS, for a consortium of institutes consisting of
  • Haccetepe University – (Turkey),
  • Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Romania – (Romania),
  • Periferiaki Dieuthinsi Protovathmias & Deuterovathmias Ekpaideusis Kritis – (Greece),
  • COMUNE DI TERNI – Associazione La Pagina – (Italy), in the context of ERASMUS plus program calls.

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