IDA Mobility Program transnational meeting in Darmstadt

The European Center in Training for Employment participated in the Transnational meeting which took place in Darmstadt in Germany on 23th and 25th of November 2013 under the subject of IDA mobility program.

The meeting was organized by the German job agencies, and local authorities which are responsible for the organization and the implementation of the European Mobility program IDA. Invited in this meeting were the European partners from Greece, Italy and Denmark which act as host partners in the implementation of IDA project, as well as representatives from the national job agency of each country and employers who receive IDA participants for practice in their companies.

IDA program concerns the mobility of people from special social classes, disadvantage people or with special skills, long term unemployed, ex- addicted etc. The point of this mobility project is to give the chance to the people belong in the above categories to travel abroad in order to develop their professional and social skills.

In the frame of this meeting participated partners had the chance to present their experience in IDA project, to participate in interesting workshops in order to get the feedback from the program and to discuss the economical situation and unemployment rates in Europe as well as ways of dealing of each country.

In conclusion, all partners agreed that the European Mobility program IDA must continue due to the fact that the positive effects in participants personal and professional life are obvious as their biggest percentage is leaded on vocational rehabilitation.

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