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European Center in Training for Employment – ECTE is an active member of the Exyonet network, a European network for the employability of young ex-offenders and young people at risk of exclusion. The network has launched the Euro Forum Eyes, commenced in the capital of Europe, Brussels, and in a room full with an international audience interested in young people, education, employment and inclusion, with leading voices opening the Conference such as Ms. Ana Nóbrega, coordinator of the Exyonet Network, who shared experiences and good practices on this subject and whose White Paper was presented during the Conference

Euro Forum Eyes, in Brussels, has been an outstanding forum for revealing and sharing ideas, thoughts and proposals about the great challenge of youth unemployment, and, in particular, for groups of young people at risk of exclusion and young offenders.

Leading experts and professionals such as Sir Ken Robinson, Mr. Pasi Sahlberg, Stanislav Ranguelov, Luis Fábrica, or Jane Murphy, among others, have discussed issues such as employment and exclusion, the importance of talent as compared a curriculum, or the influence of educational models on the labour market.

More than 400 attendees actively took part in the event, asking numerous questions which were answered by the speakers for the different discussion groups moderated by the journalist Christophe Robeet.

Social networks were very active during the presentations, with more than 7,500 users on the event’s website, more than 14,000 interactions on Twitter, over 1,200 tweets, and with the hashtag #euroforumeyes, becoming one of the trending topics for that day. More than 16,000 people from numerous countries around the world took part in the event through online streaming, with significant participation from Belgium, France, and Spain.

The outcomes of the EXYONET project (the European Network for employability of Young (ex) offenders), the first European network to address the employability of young offenders and social exclusion, part of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union, which has drafted the White Paper on youth unemployment, including a full analysis and a set of recommendations and proposals for the employment of young people in Europe, was also presented at Euro Forum Eyes.

All forum presentations can be followed in EYES FORUM PLATFORM

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