Language Courses

Information about the language courses options offered to incoming participants

Language preparation courses offered to participants, teaching Greek or English language using English as communication language. In special cases teachers use the participants’ mother tongue (Spanish, German, French) as communication language. The duration of the language preparation can be 20h, 40h, 60h, depending on the financial agreement.

Methodology: The lessons are based on a method created with the co-operation of the linguistic department of the University of Rethymno, Crete. This method is concentrated on the oral aspect of the language. Different units are used to describe conversation of the everyday life. The teacher, having finished a unit with a given theme, tries to put it into practice.


Listening skills: Listening to dialogues of the book, songs, movies etc.

Oral expression: role-playing, development of the linguistic competence in diverse situations.

Greek/ English Language Courses

  • Small groups (max 10 students)
  • Educational material is provided to students.
  • Teachers use adult training and dynamic learning methods (role playing, movies, songs).

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