LATEST UPDATE: 08/05/2021

Travel safely to Crete

Greece is ready to welcome visitors from abroad again, applying advanced health protection protocols. In 2021, ECTE is operating with the maximum safety protocols, for students, employees, and every person involved in the provision of training services.

First of all, isolation (quarantine) for visitors from abroad is no longer required. However, entry into Greece will be allowed under the following conditions:

– By presenting a vaccination certificate issued by an appropriate body in the traveler’s country of origin.

– Instead of a vaccination certificate, the mobility learners can show a negative PCR test conducted up to 72 hours before traveling.

– At the same time, 24 hours before traveling, every tourist must have completed the special PLF document.

– Upon entering Greece, visitors will undergo targeted tests. In the event of a positive result, meaning that the traveler who was tested is ill with Covid-19, he/she will be temporarily accommodated in an isolation hotel. If a positive incident is detected following a sampling test at the land borders, then entry into the country may not be allowed.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) can be found on the:
Visit Greece app

Health Protocol by ECTE

ECTE, as a certified training center, has a health protocol in place, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Public Health Organisation for training institutes, and be ready to deal with a potential Covid-19 case.

Crete until the 8th of May 2021 is characterised as “Green”.  Follow live updates at: COVID-19:

For details about the geographical spread of the COVID-19 in Greece, visit:

Wearing a mask

It is mandatory to wear a mask in all indoor public places as well as in outdoors when there is overcrowding.

Those who do not wear a face mask in the above spaces will be required to pay a fine of 150 euros.

Health protocol in Internships

A negative self-test is mandatory, once per week. The cost is 5 Euro and is paid by the participant. Depending on the sector, people are working normally, keeping distance while working, and depending on the sector, they are wearing a mask.

Participants have to follow hygiene guidelines. In case of suspicious symptoms, they have to be isolated in the hotel room, call ECTE, and inform the reception to follow the protocol health, in accordance with the current guidelines of the National Public Health Organisation.

In the event of confirmed infection, the participant and the close contacts will be transferred to a separate quarantine accommodation at the expense of the Greek state for 14 days. The remaining participants of the group will continue their placement.

Health protocol in accommodation

ECTE accommodates participants in hotel rooms with kitchen facilities. Accommodation establishment managers have been required to create an action plan, having a health protocol in place for each part of the establishment and be ready to deal with a potential Covid-19 case, in accordance with the current guidelines of the National Public Health Organisation (e.g. hotel quarantine area).

More information at:

The Ministry of Tourism has already prepared a focused plan of audits. It has been set up a training and information website for employees and owners in order to ensure that the knowledge of the protocols is disseminated in a timely and responsible manner. Finally, steep fines have been established for those neglecting their duties.

In case of complaints, the participants can call ECTE, or directly the four-digit number 1572 of the Ministry of Tourism.


All cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc., must close at midnight, and there are allowed 4 to 6 persons per table

According to government guidelines, tables are placed with a safe distance from each other, while a rule of one (1) customer per m2 of available outdoor space and one (1) customer per 2.2 m2 for indoor spaces is in place. The staff is required to wear a mask or face covering, while customers are encouraged to wear a mask.

Culture and Entertainment

It is mandatory to wear a mask during concerts or theatrical plays, while alcohol and smoking are forbidden.

Archaeological sites and museums allow for a limited number of visitors to enter per hour, and a procedure must be followed when entering and leaving. A mandatory health protection protocol is in place for those entering cultural events venuesamusement parks, and beaches. The use of masks and hand sanitizers is recommended, as well as keeping a physical distance. Museum visitors are required to wear face masks.

Open-air cinemas operate at 75% capacity. Films are screened without intermission and canteens remain open throughout the screening so as to avoid overcrowding. Every two or four seats there is a vacant one. Health protection rules are to be followed on the premises; customers should maintain a physical distance at the ticket booth and prefer contactless card payments. The pre-purchase of an e-ticket is also recommended, where available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Self-isolate in the room and avoid contact with other people.
  • Notify the hotel reception or the doctor-on-call.
  • Hotels must have special medical equipment in case of an outbreak, such as disposable gloves and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, aprons, long-sleeved gown (PPE),  laser thermometer.
  • The doctor on-call will advise you through the next steps
  • Download the Visit Greece app for more information.
  • Notify ECTE immediately and the hotel reception. They will notify the doctor on-call
  • The doctor on- call will advise you through the next steps.
  • Download the Visit Greece app for more information.

In the event of a confirmed infection, close contacts of the will be transferred to a separate quarantine accommodation at the expense of the Greek state. Remaining participants of the group, will continue their placement.

  • Hosting and accommodation is provided for free to quarantined/ self-isolated people.
  • Moreover, free medical care is provided to those who need to be quarantined hospitalized or treated in medical establishments.
  • Download the Visit Greece app for more information.

Transfer to hospital and medical costs as well as stay in quarantine hotel if needed, are fully covered by Greek authorities. We urge airlines travel agents and hotels to offer maximum flexibility during this time of customer and regulatory uncertainty.

A PCR or antigen test is performed in the medical center that ECTE is collaborating with. The cost (50Euro), is covered by the participant.