YOUROPE – Youth Rites of Passage in Europe

The YOU-Rope project, aims to promote the development of resilient and empowered communities and to prevent adolescent distress, through the implementation of a community-based intervention that mobilizes the local formal and informal networking and adolescents themselves in the identification of specific rites of passage-centered on the own local cultural belonging environment.

The creation of a Rite of Passage, which brings into play through the use of symbols of the values upon which is based the social life, makes it possible to create a strong emotional and inclusive bond among the members of a community and to strengthen the integrity of a social group.


1/11/2017 – 31/10/2019

  • Cepiss Società cooperativa sociale onlus (Italy)
  • ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment (Greece)
  • Labcom Ricerca E Azione Per Il Benessere Psicosociale Societa Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Italy)
  • Centro Machiavelli S.r.l. (Italy)
  • Asociatia Psiterra (Romania)
  • Cooperativa Etcs Sccl (Spain)

Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships, 2017-2-IT03-KA205-011169

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  • Young people aged 16-19
  • Youth workers working in youth associations and youth clubs, youth professionals and educators

Our role in the project

  • Framework Survey, to obtain information about the effective application of the rites of passages
  • ROPEs Model Guidelines, for youth workers
  • Dissemination


  • OPEs Model Guidelines for youth workers, youth professionals, educators

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