Professional training in applications of Solar and Geothermal energy.

The EU’s strategy for sustainable growth, Europe 2020, puts innovation and green growth at the heart of its blueprint for competitiveness, leading to a whole new demand for environmental skills in the construction sector. However, training providers have not yet caught up with this new skills demand, creating an important skills gap in the current labour market, as highlighted in the “Green skills and environmental awareness in vocational education and training” report from CEDEFOP.

Following the identification of skills needs, GSS-VET (Erasmus + Sector Skills Alliances 575891-EPP-1-2016- 1-EL-EPPKA2-SSA) has created an innovative training including work-based learning, ubiquitous learning and flipped classroom for geothermal and for solar energy system installers (EQF level 4-5). The training content is focused on technical skills but also on transversal ones, including entrepreneurship, ICT, interdisciplinary skills and ability to work effectively with people from other disciplines.

For the above an e-Learning Platform is designed with corresponding digitalized contents. 40 trainers and 200 workers will directly be trained during the project’s lifetime, and thanks to the involvement of VET providers, sectorial organizations (including an EU umbrella), regional authorities and other associated partners, 2,500 workers will be trained by 2025.


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Application for training – Installers of Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Geothermal Systems

IMPORTANT: Please send any legal documents in order to prove that you meet the conditions for participation in the Certification, e.g. diplomas, employer certificates, proof of professional experience, certificates for vocational training, etc. at